Monday, 19 October 2015

Hints and Tips for People who Find Reading Challenging

Not everyone who loves to read finds it easy to read, which puts these people off. Like some people I am dyslexic which means I find reading a bit more challenging.

I wanted to share some hints and tips for people who maybe just need a little hand falling in love with books. After all, books are meant for everyone and nothing should stop you enjoying them.

My top tips!

  • Cut the book down into bite size chunks - I like to give myself targets.  I'll sit down and say to myself I'll read 50 pages today. This gives me a sense of achievement. Go me!
  • Don't be scared to put a book down if it's not for you - There is nothing wrong with this. Just pick up a new book until you find a style that you enjoy.
  • Take your time - This isn't school. If it takes you 5 minutes to read a book or 6 months that's fine. You'll enjoy reading more if you don't put lots of pressure on yourself to keep up with other people.
  • Think about trying audio books - This is great if you love stories but can't sit for a long time to read. Listen to them at home, on the bus, walking home from school/work or driving to the shops. 
  • Short stories are brilliant - You don't have to read a 500 page novel. Short books can pack just as much into the storyline. Give it a go!
  • Books with pictures! - That's right! Who doesn't love a book with some good art work to look at while you read it? Go on! Let the inner child have some fun!
  • Shop around - A lot of good book stores stock books that are 'friendly' for people who find reading harder. I've seen books with 'Dyslexia friendly' stickers on them for YA readers. Why not give them a go, even if you don't have dyslexia!
  • HAVE FUN!!! -  This is the most important. Just be you! If you find it harder to read or you have a specific learning style (I hate saying learning difficulty) don't be ashamed of it. No one is alone. There are millions of people just like you and me in the world. 

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