Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Favourite Reasons to Become a Bookish Blogger

If you are thinking about starting a blog these are my top reasons for taking the plunge and just doing it. 

  • Great way to meet like minded people. There are so many book lovers out there that all want to talk to you about things they love or find out about something you love. Unlike non-bookish friends, these people won't start rolling their eyes when you talk about that new favourite book.
  • You follow so many different blogs and authors you get to find out about books being released. You can get your hands on them the second they come out.
  • It's a brilliant way to help encourage you to read more. I've always loved reading but since starting a blog I've read more. Don't do it if you don't enjoy it, you'll just kill any joy you got from books in the first place. 
  • Do people complain you read too much? Then start a blog. You have to read for the blog, right? I think it's a good excuse.
  • Family and friends will thank you. You have a space to nerd out about books without inflicting it upon people who don't want to know. That's until you start forcing them all to read your blog. Sorry, not sorry!
  • If you want to work with books, a blog is a great way to sell yourself to employers. 
  • You need to buy that book, because it's for your blog. Well, that's what you tell yourself anyway. Don't worry, we won't judge you. Fill your house with all the books!
  • Starting a blog is something to be truly proud of. Watching it grow and develop is the best feeling in the world. My blog is one month old today. Yay! I feel like I'm watching my baby learn to walk. It can be scary to start with but you just might find it's the best thing you've done. 

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